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    San Antonio Community Hospital Clinical Services

    The Radiology/Imaging Services Department at San Antonio Community Hospital is organized into three major components: Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Oncology. The Clinical and Pathology Laboratories of San Antonio Community Hospital serve those who are hospitalized, referred as an outpatient by their physician, or receiving home care.


    San Antonio Community Hospital's Emergency Department serves the community 24 hours a day, providing basic emergency services including advanced monitoring capabilities. Our staff is certified in advanced adult and pediatric life support.

    Medical direction for the Emergency Department is provided by Mountain View Emergency Physicians Medical Group, Inc. A panel of on call physician specialists, who are members of the hospital's medical staff, are available when needed.

    The Emergency Department also serves as a paramedic base station, able to direct pre-hospital care via certified nurses.


    Patients arriving at the Emergency Department, other than by ambulance, will be seen by a triage nurse first. The goal of triage is to determine the severity of the condition. To do this, the triage nurse will ask the reason for your visit, take a brief history, and perform a physical examination. Those patients who may be unstable and whose condition could deteriorate without immediate attention will be treated first. This is why some patients receive priority treatment.

    In an attempt to decrease wait time and increase comfort, the triage nurse may begin diagnostic testing or treatment according to well-tested protocols. For example, medications may be given or an x-ray ordered.

    Based on the severity of your condition, the triage nurse will assign you to one of three treatment areas: the main Emergency Department, ED South, or ED North. The most severely ill or injured patients will be seen in the main Emergency Department. If your condition is stable, you will be seen in either ED South or ED North, when these treatment areas are open.

    Evaluation and Treatment

    You will have a nurse assigned to you in the treatment area. A physician or nurse practitioner will be in charge of your care. After a history and physical exam are performed, you may need to have some diagnostic studies performed, such as blood tests or X-rays. The nurse may start intravenous (IV) therapy or place you on special monitors. Based upon your condition, and the results of your tests, you will be either discharged home or admitted to the hospital. You may need to be transferred to another hospital.


    If you are discharged from the Emergency Department, you will be given after-care instructions to follow at home. In order to get well, it is important that you understand and follow these instructions.

    Before you leave the hospital, please do not hesitate to ask questions about your diagnosis and treatment. We want you to understand your condition and what it will take for you to recover. It is essential that you follow-up with your personal physician or the physician you are referred to by the Emergency Department.

    At Home

    If you have any questions after discharge, please call the Emergency Department at 909.920.4747. You may receive an invoice for the Hospital's charges for your emergency visit, as well as separate statements for all physician services. As a courtesy, the Hospital's Business Services Department will bill your insurance for Hospital charges.